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Bowen v. Porsche Cars N.A., Inc., Case No. 1:21-cv-00471 pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.
If your Porsche Communication Management System ("PCM" or infotainment system) experienced rebooting on or after May 20, 2020, you could get a payment from a class action settlement.
Your rights may be affected by a class action settlement.

• A class action settlement has followed from allegations that some Porsche infotainment systems (the PCM 3.1 system with XM satellite antenna) went into a reboot cycle on or after May 20, 2020. Porsche denies any wrongdoing. The parties have reached a settlement to avoid a trial and provide class members with compensation now.

• The settlement will provide (1) reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs incurred to address PCM rebooting (subject to certain limitations), including PCM replacements or repairs, battery replacements, towing, and alternative transportation costs, up to $7,500; or (2) if you spent time dealing with the rebooting issue but have no out-of-pocket costs to claim or don't have documentation of your out-of-pocket costs, your choice between (a) a $25 payment or (b) a $50 dealer credit.

• To qualify, you must have owned or leased a Porsche vehicle as of May 20, 2020, that was equipped with an XM satellite radio antenna and a PCM 3.1 system.

Who Is Included?

If the settlement is approved, Judge Cohen will decide that everyone who fits this description is a Class Member:

All entities and individuals in the United States who, as of May 20, 2020, owned or leased a Porsche vehicle equipped with an XM radio antenna and Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system 3.1.

Excluded from the class are Defendant, any Released Persons, Class Counsel, and the Court, as well as the Court's spouse, and any person within the third degree of relationship to either of them.

Porsche has identified the following models as being equipped with a PCM 3.1 infotainment system:

• Panamera, model years 2010-2016
• Cayenne, model years 2011-2016
• 911 Carrera, model years 2012-2016
• Boxster, model years 2012-2016
• Cayman, model years 2012-2016
• Macan, model years 2015-2016

In addition, the vehicle must be equipped with an XM satellite radio antenna.

To determine if your vehicle is included in the settlement, you can look up your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) BELOW. The VIN is a 17-character number that can be found on the driver's side dashboard or driver's side door post. The VIN also appears on your registration card and insurance card.

If you meet the definition of "Who is Included?" a detailed above, you ARE a class member. You will remain a class member if you do nothing


If you submit a valid Claim Form by August 20, 2024, you will receive a Claim Payment and will give up certain rights to sue the Defendant or other Released Persons or Entities, or to sue Porsche. This date could change, so please come back often for the most updated information on the deadline to submit a claim. Click Here to submit a claim.

If you ask to be excluded, you will not get any settlement payment, and you cannot object to the settlement. You will not be legally bound by anything that happens or has happened in the lawsuit. You may be able to sue (or continue to sue) Porsche in the future. The deadline for excluding yourself is May 19, 2023.
If you are a Class Member, you can object to the settlement if you don't like any part of it. You can give reasons why you think the Court should not approve it. The Court will consider your views. The deadline for objecting is May 19, 2023.
If you do nothing, you will receive no benefit from the Settlement, but you will still give up certain rights to sue the Defendant or other Released Persons or Entities, or to sue Porsche.
The Court will hold a Fairness Hearing on June 21, 2023, at 10:00 a.m., in-person at U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Richard B. Russell Federal Building, 2211 United States Courthouse, 75 Ted Turner Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303, in Courtroom 1905. The Court may hold the Fairness Hearing electronically, reschedule the Fairness Hearing, or change any of the deadlines described in the Notice. The date of the Fairness Hearing may change without further notice to the Settlement Class Members. Be sure to check this website, for news of any such changes.